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October 17, 2010

Lost or found a pet? Go to WheresMyPet!

If you or anyone you know has lost or found a pet, make sure you visit Posting a lost or found pet is completely free! No strings attached – this is truly a labor of love which I hope will help a lot of people out. Although you can feel free to donate/support WheresMyPet [...]

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May 22, 2008

How many 5-year olds could you take in a fight?

31 I first saw this site a couple of months ago but never decided to take the quiz. I decided to do so today after browsing through the web and again stumbling on this page. I quickly filled out all the information required and got my result. Thirty-one kids I can vanquish. I have a [...]

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April 4, 2008

I’m hooked on the Harder Better Faster Stronger Daft Punk Girls

Ok, so I’m a sucker for a good viral video. This one I came across while seeing the recreation of the above video in by two drunk girls. I’ve always liked Daft Punk, ever since “Around the World” came out, which was in middle school for me (how old is Daft Punk? Sheesh) so when [...]

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April 3, 2008

Digg took down post of Kevin Rose wearing Hitler mustache?

So I was visiting the digg front page and noticed a post of Kevin Rose (digg founder) wearing a Hitler mustache. I then refresh the page about 5 minutes later and see that the post has vanished. Digg gets a lot of criticism for the “cover ups” that they do sometimes. They got a ton [...]

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April 1, 2008

New Gmail feature: Custom Time (April Fools!)

Isn’t April Fools a lovely time of year? A day where pranks are pulled to unsuspecting folks and laughter is had by all (except, maybe, ┬áthe prankee). Recently more and more corporate America has been getting in on the action. And today’s top corporate prank has been done by Google. *Applaud* I was trying to [...]

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March 20, 2008

Business and start-up advice from Guy Kawasaki

So last week while making my second visit ever to I see this Network Solutions event featuring Guy Kawasaki in Miami and I decide to sign up (after all, it’s not often that you see any web or Silicon Valley mogul show up in Miami, let alone for FREE). Before seeing a blog post [...]

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March 19, 2008

Wtf is an “HTML Expert”?

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of “HTML Expert” claims from numerous companies management and designers. For those that don’t know, HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, which is basically the language of the internet. Being an “expert” in HTML these days is like saying you’re an expert at simultaneously walking and chewing gum. Did you [...]

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March 18, 2008 down today or down and out?

So I wanted to see if I found a file I was curious about on and tried for several minutes to log on to the site only to find it completely down. The pirate bay is known for it’s stand up fight against copyright laws but recently has been seeing pressure from within it’s [...]

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March 5, 2008

Your Internet At Stake: Net Neutrality

Being such a technology driven individual, it’s funny that I never really paid attention to net neutrality. I grew up at a time where the internet was, and still is, a leveled field for individuals and companies. Only on the internet could you create something that could become more popular than a million or billion [...]

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September 26, 2007

Demonoid Gone??..Wait No…

So come yesterday night I was surprised to hear that Demonoid may had been shut down by the Canadian entity that represents the Evil Empi…er the RIAA. So I dropped to my knees and let out some screams of pain and anguish, like kid who just saw his puppy ran over by an 18-wheeler, and [...]

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