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Business and start-up advice from Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki

So last week while making my second visit ever to I see this Network Solutions event featuring Guy Kawasaki in Miami and I decide to sign up (after all, it’s not often that you see any web or Silicon Valley mogul show up in Miami, let alone for FREE). Before seeing a blog post of his emailed to me about a year ago by a friend, you could have told me he was the creator of the motorcycles with the same name and I would’ve believed you. To keep this short, Guy worked for about 3 or 4 years at Apple marketing the Macintosh and then later went on to become a venture capitalist at funding potential start-ups and also to turn down the position of CEO of Yahoo (Silly Guy…) For more information visit his Wikipedia entry.

So the event took place last night and it went pretty well. His speech was short (about 20-30 minutes) but pretty sweet. Guy seems to be a pretty down to earth person, wearing his “Aloha” shirt and always having a smile on his face (not sure if that’s a PR scheme or just natural). Anyway, the following are some key points he shared with us (I text this to myself, so I am putting my own 2 cents and paraphrasing a lot here):

There was a bit more but my text message says *\Missing Text\*. The one time I need text messaging to work and the only time it doesn’t! The only other point to mention was that an audience member asked about “Enemies”, Guy thinks enemies are good in business because they drive competition and therefore stimulate innovation. That was about it.

At the end, they had a business card drawing where I ACTUALLY FREAKING WON! Guy pulled out the card and it was yours truly that got picked! I’ve never won anything like that so I was ecstatic! So I now hold TWO SOLD OUT World Golf Championships CLUBHOUSE TICKETS that will be held in the Doral golf course. Whoop! Tiger Woods FTW! I’d love to go but the only problem is that it’s for Sunday March 23, 2008 which is Easter (filled with family events). So I’m accepting offers if anyone is interested. They supposedly go for $250 each ticket and all the proceeds will go directly into my “Buying a house fund”. Email me at if you want proof of pictures or more info.

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Great link! Thanks Michael.

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