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Microchips in humans?

I was reading this article on CNN of how a company has started to implant people with microchips, in effect making them “scannable”. The idea is that it adds an extra layer of security on top of your fingerprints, retina scans, DNA, etc.

The article outlines some of my worries about the implant such as:

The technology seems to be identical remote controls such as garage door openers, the new credit card wave pay (or PayPass), etc. So it is an established technology. However, to me this just means it’s easily available and easily modifiable. Would I implant this on me? Hell no. I don’t plan on ever being chipped. The idea of being tagged and trackable is not something I look forward to and honestly think it’s a step back in our liberty and freedom.

Having said that, I DO think there are some really good uses for this technology. One great example is in the article, for usage on patients running a “high-risk”. Should a person with any condition (heart, cancer, diabetes, etc.) need emergency care, having the paramedics/hospital scan the patient and get all necessary information as opposed to contacting relatives first could save countless lives.

I could also understand a person in a high-security environment being using this as an additional security method. But other than that, I really can’t see why someone would want to implant this on themselves. Some would debate implanting children, but I would never even consider it. We’ve managed to live this way for hundreds and thousands of years, no need to mess everything up for generations to come.

So as usual, there’s a pro and a con to this. You be the judge.

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