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HGTV is my new addiction

I, along with my girlfriend, are hooked on HGTV. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m looking into buying an investment property or perhaps it’s just my metrosexual self coming out. Whatever it is, I love seeing a room transform from ordinary to extraordinary. I have been putting what I’ve learned into action by updating my bedroom and home-office. Soon I’m going to tackle the living room. My house is a bit of a challenge as it is a 1940′s house with small square footage and an odd layout. So the living room and dining room are squished together into an area that is rarely used. As I take this challenge on, I’ll make sure to post before and after pictures for all to see.

Anyway, back to HGTV. I particularly like the “flip that house” type of show. The idea of finding a beat-up fixer upper house and put enough hard work and love into it to make it stand out from the rest (or at least to make a significant aesthetic improvement) just turns me on. The designers featured on these shows are all incredibly creative. The ideas they come up with, while not revolutionary, simply work. All the solutions are meant to be simple. Less is more.

Watching these shows has motivated me to improve and organize myself in ways I wouldn’t have thought of before. Matter of fact, I’m watching HGTV right at this moment and I’m getting even more ideas. Ideas which will make life easier and will generate money if that’s your goal.

Head on over to and start getting some ideas!

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